Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 NFL Forecast

Thursday marked the start of the NFL Season, so it seems time to actually make the 2010 NFL Forecast, this time from 32 to one. I actually had written some bits on all the teams, but it didn't save correctly and I was too damn angry to write anymore. But here's the rankings on things to start, and some quick notes.

Quick Points:
  • I really like Green Bay, Baltimore, and Dallas. They seem like the three with the highest upside.
  • I don't understand the fixation with Miami. They're decent, but not great and have a schedule that will leave them at 7-9. People get hung up about Marshall, but was anyone actually nervous about the Bronco passing game last year?
  • The Jets aren't the Super Bowl contenders they made themselves out to be.
  • If the Pats hadn't taken the personnel hits they have so far (Mankins, Bodden, Ty Warren), I'd put have put them in the top 4. But losing 3 of your top 10 players before week 10 is tough to overcome. As it is, they probably win the division but it's hard to see them making it too far in the postseason because of the young defense. Huge year for Brady and Moss.
  • I'm saying Aaron Rodgers for MVP. He could throw for 35 TDs for a team that goes 11 or 12 wins.
  • Seattle and Buffalo are going to be effing terrible. But at least next year's draft has solid QBs, which both need desperately.
  • Not overly impressed with New Orleans or Minnesota the other night. New Orleans should have won that game by touchdowns, considering it was a home game against a heavily undermanned Minnesota club. They need to be a little more crisp on offense.
  • Minny needs some wideouts to step up. They can't rely on Shiancoe to make all the plays in the passing game. People rip on Favre for being old and kind of a hassle, but the two throws he made over the middle to Shiancoe are ones only about 10 guys in the league can make.
  • I like Cincy and Pittsburgh more than most. Cincinnati could be a top 8 team if things work out well. Pittsburgh, if they can stay healthy and in contention while Roethlisberger's out, isn't substantially different from the Super Bowl team of 2 years ago. They'll be tough if in contention in December. Brutal division, counting those two and Baltimore.
  • I'm not as sold on the NFC East being as brutal as people make it out to be. Philly and the Giants have substantial flaws, and the Dallas could be due for a run of injuries. They'll all beat the hell out of each other.

32) Seattle

31) Buffalo

30)Tampa Bay

29) St. Louis

28) Cleveland

27) Denver

26) Chicago

25) Oakland

24) Arizona

23) Detroit

22) Jacksonville

21) Miami

20) Kansas City

19) Washington

18) Carolina

17) NY Giants

16) Philadelphia

15) Atlanta

14) San Diego

13) Tennessee

12) San Francisco

11) Pittsburgh

10) Houston

9) Minnesota

8) NY Jets

7) Cincinnati

6) New England

5) New Orleans

4) Indianapolis

3) Dallas

2) Baltimore

1) Green Bay

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