Thursday, December 17, 2009

16-0? I say go for it.

Tonight's NFL Network game (to be viewed by 13 people) is likely to be the toughest challenge for Indy to complete the undefeated regular season of the remaining 3 games. That being said, if they play their guys tonight a full game, they'll probably win by a TD or so.

There's been some discussion as to whether the Colts and Saints should go for the 16-0 season, but I have a hard time seeing why they wouldn't. I completely understand the claim that you don't want to allow guys to get hurt. That's fair. The only problem is that by this point, we've seen the vast majority of major injuries that are going to happen. If you make it to week 13 reasonably healthy, I see little advantage in completely changing the team's outlook on games and messing up the rhythm. Both teams are already getting the playoff bye in the first round, so there is an extra week of rest for them already on the horizon. I say go for it and don't mess with what's been working.

If both teams try to get the 16-0, I'd put the chances at about 60% for Indy and 80% for the Saints . There are a couple of odd matchups for both teams that could throw a wrench in the works. For Indy, Jacksonville and the Jets should both be able to run the ball well, which could pose problems. Moreover, the Jets defense could pose some problems since Revis will be tough on Wayne and the pass rush could be effective. Finally, they'll travel to Buffalo just after New Year's Day, which you know would be cold and windy.

I have a hard time seeing how the Saints don't run the table. They have an overrated Dallas team coming to town this weekend, a crappy Tampa the next, and then a road game at the Panthers, who should have mailed it in by that point. Maybe Dallas or Carolina could have a big game running the ball and pull off the upset, but it's hard to see either team holding New Orleans under 30 points.

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