Thursday, December 10, 2009

Climategate? Really?

This entire "Climategate" thing is just bafflingly stupid. For those who didn't catch the story, it's basically that some right wing hackers stole the emails of some climate scientists and ever since, the conservatives have been twisting random language into a vast conspiracy to fool the world. Points along the lines of "we need to get better ways to track greenhouse gas/temperature correlation" has suddenly become "We need to make up some fake stuff to keep fooling people." Thank you Mr. Limbaugh for your insightful analysis.

It's clear from the facts that the hackers who stole the emails actually did it in the fall, and waited until now to publicize them so as to interfere with the Copenhagen meetings. Nice thinking, you scumbags.

I understand (though find idiotic) the argument that there isn't enough evidence to clearly state that man is causing global warming. At least they can argue that there is some small level of uncertainty. But why do they think that all these scientists care enough about this to just make this whole thing up? Hey, I'm all for a good conspiracy. But the whole point though is that there needs to be a benefit to the involved people to make it worthwhile, and otherwise it's just a bunch of wasting time. Of course Exxon has an incentive to say that it doesn't exist--they sell a product directly responsible for the change. But why does an oceanographer make up a career-long story about changing ocean chemistry? Ummmm....he doesn't.

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